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printable luminous film
Item: Photoluminescent Film Product Name: Printable luminous film
Descriptions: High performance photoluminescent film for safety and emergency exit signage. Rechargeable "glow in the dark" film, glossy appearance, light yellow green colour with permanent pressure sensitive adhesive.
This product has excellent solvent inkjet printing ability, initial luminescent brightness, long luminated time, and extremely good antiweathering.It can be plotter cutting, and also good for silk screen, inkjet printing on surface. The material is Non-toxic, non-radioactive and has satble chemical properties.
Application: Fire security signs, Safety guide signs, Marine safety signs, Identify usage,etc.
Suggested Use: Emergency exits and evacuation doors and stairwells.
Used on walls, ceilings, doors, railings and stair treads.
Features: This product is easily operate to brighten the light.The common roomĄ¯s light,sunlight can be as the brighten lights. Normally, take it in natural light,it can lastly glowing in the dark more than 10 hours. It can be used repeating and donĄ¯t need any electric power. The product can resist more than 7 years in outdoors, 20 years inside. It has good anti-corrosiveness, and abrasion resistance.

Digital printable:. solvent inkjet printing.
Luminated time: 5,10,18 hours.
Type: Acrylic or PVC
Adhesive: Pressure sensitive (PSA)
Roll size as follows
Width: 1.22 meters
Length: 41 meters
Packing: carton

Printable Luminous film test DEMO 2011

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