Lemon Star Products Information

Item: 3D vinyl Product Name: New film

Roll size: 1.52 * 30 M
New type 3D vinyl modification on engine hood, empennage, surrounding surface, car handle, rotary plate, etc. It's the desire of car fans.
2.High flexible polymeric PVC film
3.Good Weather Resistance
4.Without residual glue after remove
5.PVC film 0.15,release paper:180gv 6.Long Durability,for outdoor can last 3-5 years
7.No Curling after applications
8.Backside with air channels,air bubble free,Adhesive backing with air release technology for a bubble free installation.

----Shining under light, looks like diamond sparkling at night.
----Strong self-adhesive and can be applied to virtually any flat or curved surface.
----Stands up against water, dirt, grease, salt, weak acids oil.
----Easily cleanable with simply soap and water.
----Easy air bubbles removal.
----Stretchable with heat.
Installation Tips:
1. Cleaning the surface with rubbing alcohol prior to installing the vinyl will help with adhesion and clean any contaminants that may cause imperfections.
2. Using a heat gun can aid in the installation by making the vinyl more pliable and also help remove wrinkles.
3. Using a soft rubber squeegee will help smooth out bubbles and wrinkles.

New 3D vinyl film type choose

Sample vehicle show.

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