Lemon Star Products Information

Item: Vehicle vinyl Product Name: Flashing film

Roll size: 1.52 * 30 M
Flashing type vinyl modification on engine hood, empennage, surrounding surface, car handle, rotary plate, etc. It's the desire of car fans.
1. Has a look & feel better to carbon fiber bonnet and hard-top.
2. Can be applied on interior and exterior surfaces of a car (hoods, trunks, side view mirrors etc.
3. Can be applied easily on all the common car paints
4. Cost-effective and can be cleaned with detergent and water.
5. Without residual glue on the car after remove
6. Service life for outdoor 4 years, indoor 12 years.
7. Adhesive backing with air release technology for a bubble free installation.
Installation Tips:
1. Cleaning the surface with rubbing alcohol prior to installing the vinyl will help with adhesion and clean any contaminants that may cause imperfections.
2. Using a heat gun can aid in the installation by making the vinyl more pliable and also help remove wrinkles.
3. Using a soft rubber squeegee will help smooth out bubbles and wrinkles.

Flashing vinyl film type choose

Sample vehicle show.

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