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Manual Cold laminator
Item: 63" Manual Cold laminator Product Name: 63" Manual Cold laminator
Descriptions: Cold laminators are safe, fast, and easy-to-use. There are no hot rollers to cause burns. Most desktop models utilize easy-to-understand manual operation so they can be used by anyone with no specialized training required. Cold laminators also do not require a warm-up time. They are ready to be used anytime you need something laminated. Just put the material to be laminated into the machine and turn the hand crank. 

Cold Laminator is mainly used for the cool pressing and backing up of the graph, photo, drawing, etc. After the processing by cold laminator, the photo or picture can be water proof, antisepsis, resisting ultraviolet radiation and kept permanently as new one. The most worshipful feature of it can add drastic painting-like art affect to the photo and picture.

Cold laminator in stock.

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