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Heat transfer vinyl film
Item: Heat transfer vinyl Product Name: Ref film
Descriptions: Heat transfer vinyl film

The heat transfer cutting vinyl films are applied on all light & dark fabrics such as: Cotton, cotton-polyester, wool, linen, Lycra, and some polyester athletic mesh knit fabrics. Its soft hand, strong adhesiveness, excellent durability and washability are specially engineered for applying to T-shirts.
PU film is more softer than the PVC film, wearing more comfortable.

Ref vinyl with nero colour

How to do? (sample production demo)

Temperature: 130~145º C
Time: 8~15seconds
Size: 0.5M (Width) * 25M (Length) or 1*50m (roll)
Application: Sports teams, uniforms, T-shirt, Jacket, Caps, Umbrella, Towel, Bay etc.

Printing & Transferring Instructions
1. Use on 100% polyester, 100% cotton, All poly/cotton blends, Lycra, Most nylons, Spandex, and Leather
2. Set the heat press to 140 degree, 12seconds with medium pressure 35-40 PSI
3. All designs must be cut in mirror.
4. Trim off the unneeded part.
5. Be sure the temperature and time is correct as recommended above, Press fabric first if necessary to ensure flatness, then Place the vinyl cut side facing down in desired position on fabric, and transfer with firm pressure.
6. Peel off the transparent carrier sheet when it becomes cold.

T-shirt heat transfer samples.
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