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Eco-solvent ink for Roland / Mimaki
Item: Eco-solvent ink Product Name: Eco-solvent ink for Roland / Mimaki
Descriptions: We supply eco-solvent ink, used for both indoor or outdoor printing, special for Roland,Mimaki,Mutoh or some of other similar printers.
Good quality, Good price !


1. AK-Eco-A  
JV3160S/JV3 160SP /JV3 250SP, JV5
Roland: SOLJET PRO II 540/740, SJ-1000 EX, SJ-Pro II EX, PRO II EX - SJ-640/740 EX, PRO II EX - SC-540 EX and Roland VersaCAMM SP-300
Mutoh: RockHopper I/II, Falcon II and Falcon Plus. Spitfire 
Uniform: Eco solvent printers 

2. AK-Eco-B
Wide format printers with Konica KM512, 14pl printheads (512 nozzles)
Seiko Colorpainter 64S/100S, HP9000s/10000s, DGI ST-1806, Oce 6060s

3. Cleaning solution  All the above wide format printers.

4. Package:  
1000ML / Bottle
5. Outdoor Life:   24 ~ 36 Month
6. Operation:  
Temperature18to30/64to 86,   Relative Humidity:25 to 60% Non-condensin.


 Color range:

 C, M, Y, K, LM, LC

 Surface Tension:

 25~35 dynes/cm


 8-12 cp


 6.5~ 7.5



 Flash Point:

 65 o C

 Partical Size:

 < 0.20 u



8. Storage:         
1. Recommended to be stored indoors at a temperature between 5~30oC.      
2. The shelf-life is 12 months, when stored as above    
3. Care must be taken to avoid contamination of inks and substrates.
4. Check that the preheat settings are as recommended.
5. Please avoid direct sun light & heaters. Avoid drastic temperature changes.
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