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NovaJet 1000i printer
Item: NovaJet 1000i printer Product Name: NovaJet 1000i printer

The ENCAD NovaJet® 1000i Wide-Format Inkjet Printer
Accelerate Productivity. Exceed Expectations.


Take your business to the next level with the revolutionary ENCAD NovaJet 1000i. This high-speed printer uses advanced print head design and Intelligent Mask Technology™ for maximum productivity, reliability and image quality. Encad's new Quantum Ink™ and guaranteed KODAK Wide-Format Inkjet Media allow you to say yes to more customers more often.

The NovaJet 1000i sets a new standard with print speeds of 150 square feet per hour (14.0 sq. meters/hr) in Productivity mode and 220 square feet per hour (20.4 sq. meters/hr) in High Speed mode. A new print head with 640 nozzles provides high-speed printing on a wide variety of media. The Rapid Evaporation Drying System ensures that your prints are instantly ready for take-up, even at full machine speed.

With up to 1200x600 print resolution, the NovaJet 1000i offers incredible image quality. Further, Encad's patented Intelligent Mask Technology (IMT) optimizes color gamut, density and vibrancy without compromising the blazing output speed of the NovaJet 1000i. IMT applies a unique screen to image files for each color and print mode.

Quality is further enhanced with new ENCAD Quantum Ink developed with Kodak’s unparalleled Color Science. Quantum Dye Ink boasts industry-leading color gamut and guaranteed lightfastness for the ultimate in indoor photographic quality. The broad color gamut of our Quantum Pigment Ink gives you the flexibility to print photographic quality images for long lasting indoor applications, as well as UV- and water-resistant prints for durable outdoor displays.

Breakthrough ink system technology and advanced print head design ensure the NovaJet 1000i leads the way in reliability and ease of use. The effective life of our new thermal print head delivers an average of 2.1 liters of ink throughput. To offer you true unattended printing, an Intermediate Ink Reservoir maintains a constant supply of ink to the print head, and a warning system indicates when ink is getting low. The staggered Carriage Assembly provides better image quality and easy cartridge replacement, while an Active Service Station automatically fills, primes and cleans your ink cartridges. The total result is optimal performance, less maintenance and greater printer uptime.

Our unique NovaJet 1000i Software Suite puts you in charge of your workflow with software enabled precision calibration, automated networking setup, and remote printer access. Manage your business for optimum profitability with integrated job tracking, job accounting and supplies management. We take your productivity seriously. The ENCAD NovaJet 1000i's unique combination of speed, image quality and reliability is unmatched by any wide-format printer in its class. Let the NovaJet 1000i set a new standard for your business.

Please note that we do not sell Encad printers. AK-1000i inkjet printer has been upgraded and re-designed in China from the original Novajet 1000i printer, but have similar features and near the same functions, the cartridge can be used long life time and without count limit.

AK-1000i printer in printing process. 


Spec list for AK-1000i inkjet printer.

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